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Young Einstein Programme


A mind is a terrible thing to waste at any age but particularly in the young. Does your child have problems

        - in the underlying learning processes?

        - difficulty in engaging in more challenging academic content?

The ‘Young Einstein’ programme will meet the needs of parents worried about a child whom they suspect is experiencing academic and/or behavioural difficulties. These difficulties may be attributed to: “gifted underachieving” (i.e. high intelligence but with low academic grades), impulsivity, lack of organisational and thinking skills, low self-esteem and/or motivation, diagnosed learning disabilities or simply not engaging in school.

Using advances in cognitive, neuropsychological and the learning sciences the programme provides individual instruction. It uses active child involvement, in real meaningful problems, to correct defects in the underlying learning processes. By targeting specific cognitive functions the child learns how to think and is taught how to learn. The process releases the learning potential of each child bringing that potential to the surface.

The training develops thinking skills and strategies to increase children’s confidence and motivation, allowing them to set and achieve goals and become increasingly better organised and more independent when it comes to learning both in and out of school.

By putting in place the pre-requisites of learning and of cognitive development the programme increases children’s learning potential allowing them to make a successful and effortless transition through the different stages of school system.

Evidence from neocortical studies (Howard Hughes Medical Institute 2002) shows that deep rigorous thinking enhances the growth of dendrites and neuro-pathways in the brain suggesting that programmes similar to this, that focus on the prerequisites for learning, can serve as both a preventive and corrective measure for reducing/eliminating behavioural and academic difficulties as well as increasing brain development.

Children can never be too well educated in this day and age and faults in the child’s basic learning strategies need to be corrected as early as possible. Counselling Skills Institute provides basis an opportunity for young children (age 3-7 years) and adolescents (age 8 – 16 years) whose parents are concerned about their behaviour and/or progress at school to correct any underlying cognitive deficiencies, thus greatly improving their ability to learn and succeed in life. Research is showing that earlier the problem is addressed the better the outcome.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. I suspect my child has potential but is under-achieving. Where do I begin?

ANSWER: Unless identified and corrected, deficiencies in processing information will affect every aspect of your child's future including access to university. As a parent, only you can ensure that your child does not fall behind his or her peers. If your child, or someone you know, is experiencing difficulties the answer is easy: the CSI offers a phone consultation, free of charge, to discuss your concerns.  If appropriate, we can schedule as assessment/evaluation and, if required, provide a structured intervention programme.

Q. How is your ‘learning potential’ evaluation different from a 'skills assessment?'

ANSWER: Skills assessment tests are plentiful, but they only indicate the level of your child's performance, without actually getting to the root of the problem. At CSI we have the diagnostic tools and procedures that will not only tell you why your child is under-performing and identify the real cause, but will get your child back on track in as little as 8 - 12 weeks.

Q. What makes the Young Einstein Programme different from a tutoring centres?

ANSWER: We are not a tutoring centre.   Tutoring is suitable for children who are able to process information quickly and accurately but lack content. If some tutoring does not quickly solve the problem there may exist an underlying learning difficulty.  In these cases tutoring serves as a temporary reprieve and needs to be repeated year after year with limited results.

The Young Einstein Programme offers a solution to your child's learning difficulties that is very different from tutoring.   We target the cause of your child's learning challenges - not the effect.   We offer one-on-one interventions based on the best of current research: interventions that can measurably improve your child's  performance in as little as 8 - 12 weeks.

Q. My child is 5 years old. I suspect there is a problem. Should I wait?

ANSWER: No matter what your child's age, if you were told that your child might have a visual problem, would you go to a department store and just buy a pair of glasses and consider the problem solved?   Of course you wouldn't.   You would first take your child to a specialist who can identify the real problem and recommend an appropriate intervention.   The exact same procedure should be followed if you suspect you child has potential but is under-performing.

Q. What ages do you help?

ANSWER: We can assess and provide research based intervention for children from ages 4 - 18+.

Q What are the fees?

ANSWER: The fees for a one-on-one consultation are $75 per hour for the first four consultations.

Remediation Consultations:       one-on-one   =    $75   per hour                                                           group          =    $45 per hour