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Parenting Programmes

Course 101: Humanistic and Decision Making Counselling

Course 212: Stress Counselling.

Children respond to someone who believes in their potential and in the possibility of change, yet is realistic in his or her expectations and forgiving of their shortcommings. To grow all children must be attached to a warm caring adult who coaches them in the appropriate responses.

In 2007 the Counselling Skills Institute is offering two courses (101 and 212) which are of interest to parents and will help them to coach their children in the use of correct emotions with the right intensity in any given situation. Parents will be taught to back off from demands and ultimatums and retreat to building strong connections with their child.

Once parents see their child's difficult behaviours with compassion, their hearts automatically go out to them and they naturally find themselves coming alongside as coaches instead of being stressed and acting in an adversarial manner. Whereas behaviourists would focus on the incident and apply a band aid solution,  (i.e. naughty corner which reenacts the childs worst nightmare - a break in attachment to parents)) we train parents to look for evidence of a more complete picture to get to the root of the problem. Looking for the root of the problem and dealing with it in a systemic way does take longer but the extra work pays off in long term results.