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Specialised Clinics

In addition to offering training in basic and advanced counselling skills to people who work with people (teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, h.r. personel, police, parents, managers etc,) the Counselling Skills Institute also runs clinics and training in the following specialised areas:

Young Einstein Programme:   (see above)

to assist under-achieving gifted children achieve their potential.

The underachievement of gifted students is a growing plague. These are students who seem capable of outstanding performance yet fail to realize their potential at school. This is an area of concern and frustration for many parents, teachers, and counsellors. The Yound Einstein programme identifies the factors that cause otherwise gifted children to underachieve and through a targeted cognitive mediated learning programme reverses academic underachievement.

Marriage Clinics: 

to bring couples up-to-date with the very best in relationship research and the skills that ensure that a marriage is stable and happy.

Parenting Programmes:

Effective discipline for children (4 - 8years)
and teenagers (9 - 17 years).

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