Due to earthquake damage the 50 hour counselling skills courses have been suspended until further notice.
The Young Einstein Programme and one-on-one counselling are unaffected and continue as normal.


The Counselling Skills Institute is situated in the historic building "The Hollies" on the banks of the Heathcote river in Christchurch, New Zealand.

It offers a wide range courses and trains people in basic and advanced counselling skills. These courses lead to qualifications in Basic and Advanced Counselling Skills. These are ideal qualifications for people who work with colleagues/clients/children in areas such as parenting, management, healthcare, or in the teaching and caring professions.

The courses are also suitable for students  or private practitioners and those already involved in coaching and mentoring or for people who are sensing that this is a direction they may wish to become more involved in.

The Institute provides low cost, high quality learning experiences in the area of counselling and in the personal and professional development for all its students.

The courses are very suitable for people who wish to learn more about themselves or who wish to learn skills which will help them in their work, or personal lives.

The Institute is dedicated to the training of competent and highly skilled practitioners ito improve their professional skills and/ or parenting skills by providing training grounded in the most up-to-date research and scholarship.

The Institute also specialises in providing training in or helping underachieving gifted children whose school performance or home behaviour is causing parents some concern. (See: Specialised Clinics - Young Einstein).